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09 February 2015 @ 12:59 am
Special Needs | Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)  

I've decided to start writing reviews to share my experiences with the Special Needs assistance from every airport I visit (which are many). Mainly because the last time I had to go to Stansted airport, a lady from the team refused to provide me with help (because I'm young) and that made me lose my flight (I walk very slowly when carrying luggage).

The assistance in Amsterdam was the best I ever had so far. They respected my disability as it is, without forcing me to sit on a wheelchair. The girl from the tickets and luggage drop off desk, helped me with my suitcase up to the security control, where she allowed me to use the fast lane.

At the other side, there was someone already waiting for me to take me to the special needs area. There, they looked at my flight ticket and told me when to come back so I could be picked up by a cart and taken to the gate.

They gave me a trolley, put my luggage there and allowed me to go around the stores. They understood the amount of help that I needed and didn't make me feel that my impairment was that much of a burden.


Like I always say, a luggage trolley is like a walker, and that's all I ask for!

Stars: 5/5
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